DJ Profiles

DJ Aftershock aka Harp Sohal DJ Gary aka Gary Nijjar DJ Wax aka Jason Mascarenhas DJ Pavy pav aka Pavan Dhanoa DJ Gur aka Gur Sahota DJ Khanvict aka Asad Khan DJ Xtreme aka Gur Brar DJ Xzuberant aka Deep Sandhu DJ Mick aka Mick Sandhu DJ Minhas aka Jaskaran Minhas

:: DJ Aftershock ::
Well known for creating stunning Corporate, Private and Wedding Experiences. With 12 years of experience DJ Aftershock is one of the hottest UK DJ's who's made Vancouver his home.

He has the reputation as being one of the heavyweights on the Bhangra house scene and can be found dropping the heaviest selection of bhangra–bollywood music, right across British Columbia.

Working in bars/clubs, all across the UK and British Columbia DJ Aftershock has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the South Asian Industry, such as Gurdas Maan, Taz (Stereo Nation), H Dhami, Dr Zeus, Imran Khan, Aman Hayer, Juggy D, Mumzy, Gubi Sandhu, Mehsopuria, Heera, Apna Sangeet, RDB, DCS and DJ Vix.

DJ Aftershock knows music and knows how to re-create it, redefine it, and bring it to life. His innovative techniques and mixes distinguish him from his peers, setting him a cut & a scratch above.

But most of all, DJ Aftershock knows people and knows how to move them. He both entertains and makes sure the dance-floors are energized. His selection includes a vast array of music styles including Bhangra and Bollywood all the way through to Hip-Hop, RnB and Old Skool classics. In a highly competitive world, DJ Aftershock understands the importance of going that extra mile for his clients. Only he can provide the kind of entertainment your guests will rave about for years to come! This is why he is the most sought after Mobile DJ Service.

Picture of DJ Aftershock
Drawing on his years of experience in the entertainment & wedding industry, Aftershock knows what works. If you're looking for an experienced DJ to make your event a night to remember, and to get your guests into the party spirit, with a guarantee to make the ground shake and the party rock, then DJ Aftershock is your man.

DJ Aftershock offers you the premier mobile Indian DJ services to make your wedding day truly memorable for not only you and your partner but also your guests.

:: DJ Wax ::
The Aftershock Roadshow has gained a huge asset and is pleased to present the newest addition to the team – DJ Wax.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, DJ Wax - age 36, brings with him 15+ years in the music industry and has placed 4th place finish in the World DJ Championships. Wax has had the opportunity to showcase his talent around the globe in countries like Canada, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and has been featured on Much Music, MTV and local newspapers.

Each time Wax steps up to the turntables, he has the ability to keep the crowd hyped and entertained, from the first beat to the last. Wax has a natural ability to find the best section of any song and mix it effortlessly into the next quickly, and seamlessly. With both his outgoing personality, and natural networking ability have allowed him to continually gain recognition and respect as a DJ.
Picture of DJ Wax

:: DJ Pavy Pav ::
Picture of DJ Pavy Pav Starting off Djing in his early teens Dj Pavy Pav discovered his love for music. His passion of music has brought him into his 6th year of Djing. DJ Pavy Pav has catered for a lot of parties all across British Columbia from banquet hall events, club events to private parties. He has also worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry like Aman Hayer, Jazzy B, K.S Makhan and Angrez Ali just to name a few... Dj Pavy Pav has a wide library of music starting from House, Techno, Bhangra, Hindi, Hip-Hop and RnB . You want it ? He has it!

The important part of your event is to have the right kind of music and DJ Pavy Pav can make that happen. Dj Pavy Pav will keep you dancing all night long! He has been known for adding flair to all of his events by interacting with the crowd. Seamless mixing and by keeping up to date with the sickest beats he keeps you on your toes until you drop.

He is well experienced and knows how to choose the right selection of music to set the atmosphere for your event he will keep the party bumping all night long. Dj Pavy Pav guarantees to make your event a memorable one for you and for all your guests for the years to come.

:: DJ Gur Sahota ::
Picture of DJ Gur With 12 years of experience DJ Gur has let music be his guide. Growing up playing tabla & dhol, music was always a forefront in his life which developed into a passion for all genres of music. He started his career djing at banquet halls around British Columbia eventually moving onto the mobile dj circuit. His dj styles centre around bhangra and bollywood with a touch of house music & top 40. His DJ travels have ranged all throughout BC and Washington state.

DJ Gur has worked alongside artists such as Jazzy B, Hard-E., Surjit Khan, Balkar Sidhu, Juggy D., Debi Makhsoospuri, Amrinder Gill & Manmohan Waris just to name a few, gaining knowledge and experience from every artist he has met.

Each and every event is very different and diverse and Gur tries to cater to everyone on the dance floor picking up what the crowd is vibing to and going with it to create an enjoyable and memorable atmosphere. He's made it his goal to make sure you leave the event with a big smile on your face and begging for more. You won't want the night to end.

:: DJ Xtreme ::
Picture of DJ Xtreme DJ Xtreme has always been attached to music deeply from inside, and has always loved listening to it. It was summer 2007 when he was in grade 8 he downloaded a DJ software which got him messing around with it and soon with no doubt fell in love with it. He also has a passion to produce his own beats and is motivated to become a music producer, he has also started making beats for local TV shows.

Starting off as a house DJ and months of saving he eventually got his well earned turntable equipment and started DJing live like Harp Sohal aka DJ Aftershock, who has been one of DJ Xtreme's biggest inspirations in the industry. He first got his chance to work along with him, and joined The Aftershock Roadshow in 2010. DJ Xtreme's goal in life is to become a successful music producer/singer and produce some big name's out there in the industry by taking the Bhangra industry to the next level by mixing hip-hop and desi beats together to make unique and different music.

:: DJ Xzuberant ::
Inspired by the love of creativity, DJ Xzuberant has spent numerous hours in front of his computer compiling some exquisite mixes during the past 13 years. benefiting from his parent's vast bhangra & bolly vinyl collection, his love for music grew at a very young age. like most inspiring djs, his love for remixing came from many talented djs that came from abroad. DJ Xzuberant has spent time in front of crowds of hundreds in his early years however he is known more for creating remixes.

During this time, Xzuberant has released 5 undergrounds cds since 2003. DJ Xzuberant is completely self-taught, not having even the benefit of observing or consulting other djs. rather than spinning live on cd-js or turntables, he focuses his attention on his pc and lets his creativity take over. the genre he collaborates includes bhangra\bollywood creatively mixed with current top 40 hip hop and electro\house music.

DJ Xzuberant has linked up with dj aftershock and have been working on numerous projects. both have worked feverishly on DJ Aftershock's remix album which is set to release sometime this year. DJ Xzuberant's goal is to help take the aftershock roadshow to the next level and creative an a inspiring sound that is new to most everyone's ears.
Picture of DJ Xzuberant

:: DJ Mick ::
Picture of DJ Mick From the age of 11, DJ Mick had been working with his uncle, where he learned his first steps into DJing. New to the DJing scene, he then started experimenting around at home with some software on the PC. When imagination and creativity got the best of him, he joined numerous people in order to help build, repair, and engineer sound all over Surrey. He then started learning the Dhol, in which he has performed at various weddings and events. In high school, he was known as DJ Mick, and still is. High school he performed at numerous events held, such as Pep rally's, and school dance events. From then on, In his heart he knew this was the only thing that he was ever passionate about, was music.

Slowly earning respect on the scene, he started producing and adding beats and sounds to music. Knowing he was well equipped with years of experience gathered, he has now joined The Aftershock Roadshow. Recently, you can see his work progressing through to peoples ears through Soundcloud and Wrap up 2012 the album, where he was featured as a Remixer/DJ. Now on the scene, Mick is determined to add the best experience on the dance floor for anyone and everyone.

DJ Mick has perfected his music to give you the cutting edge in perfect sound, and the perfect experience for any dance floor across B.C. from DJing in Banquet halls, gym's and more, he has dazzled people endlessly with his creativity with music.