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As a talented disc jockey with plenty of understanding of atmosphere management, DJ Maestro looks to help create a positive and party-driven atmosphere that allows everyone to relax, kick back and have some fun together!

Starting out at age 15, he’s gone on to master the arts of creating quality music and creating an energetic atmosphere. A talented musician as well as someone who’s very much in tune with the mood of the party, DJ Maestro stands alone as one of the most compelling DJs in the Lower Mainland – and beyond!

With an electric personality and an outstanding collection of music, DJ Maestro understands the importance of the atmosphere as much as the atmosphere of the crowd. With a genuine passion for music, too, DJ Maestro brings something more to the tale than just a Spotify playlist and a smile. His musical passions extend from Bhangra music to quality hip-hop tracks. From cultural style to finding something everyone can
bounce around too, Maestro finds easy ways to get the atmosphere absolutely bouncing. A True Maestro!

However, his main skill comes from his ability to perfectly work with samples to create absolutely banging, atmospheric tracks. To get the dancers well engaged and up all night on the dance floor, Maestro finds samples from all manner of backgrounds to help create the most enjoyable party experience possible.


+1 (778) 512-9554

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