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Rajanveer Singh Gill, also known by his stage name VEER, is a Canadian performing artist, music producer/remixer and multi-faceted DJ.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Veer quickly built up a passion for music as a child. With family ties in the Punjabi music industry, Bhangra music was ever-present in his environment. However, entering into his teens he formed a foundational connection with the East Coast Hip-Hop sound. Veer’s interest in Hip-Hop music and culture played an influential role in his path forward as a performer. Making role models of recording artists and music producers, he secured an understanding and appreciation for music which now dominates his sound in all his musical ventures.

By the time of his high school graduation, Veer witnessed a boom in the local DJ scene in which he heard his opportunity calling. Having self-educated himself since the age of 14 in music production, Veer quickly assimilated into the DJ terrain and was able to translate his understanding into a ground-breaking style of mixing. Veer has asserted himself as a diabolical force in Vancouver’s DJ industry, leaving crowds awestruck with his performances at wedding receptions, birthdays, school dances, clubs and corporate events.

Since signing to Aftershock Roadshow in 2015, Veer has launched himself into Vancouver’s premium league of DJs along with the successes of various remix releases and features in the company’s podcast series, the Shockcast, attracting audiences from across the country. Moving forward, Veer will continue to push boundaries and evolve in his musical pursuits, because in his eyes, he’s just getting started.



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