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Meet Raja Sandal, AKA DJ Tigertronik. Raja started learning the never-ending art of DJing back in 2014, where he picked up a DJ controller from a friend. From then on, he never looked back. Raja has always had an ear for music. Long before he was a DJ, he was always the go-to for fresh new music at parties. This led to opportunities in DJing a plethora of parties where he would implement his self-taught skills derived from hundreds of hours of DJing in his bedroom, and bringing forth his knowledge and expertise in Hip-Hop and EDM music to create a packed dance floor. It was here, that Raja realized that at the core of DJing lies the connection between DJ and the crowd. It was then that Raja decided to take it to the next level, and three years after building his skills and knowledge of the art of DJing, he signed with AFT3RSHOCK in 2017.

Early in his DJ career, Raja went by the name “DJ RAJA”; however, it lacked originality, and the best names often have a deeper story behind them. The name Tigertronik was inspired after the connection with the tiger named “Rajah” in the Disney movie Aladdin, which was synonymous with Raja’s name. Having a predominant Indian name, it was often a hit or miss whether people would call him “Raj”, “Rajan”, or even “Roger”. Relating back to the tiger in Aladdin after first introduction with someone became commonplace, and a great way of others remembering his name. It was from there that the term “TIGER” fused with the term “TRONIK”, which is derived from Raja’s fundamentals as a electronic dance music aficionado.

Raja’s skills as a DJ translated well in the music production world, touching on different genres of music like Dubstep, Trap, and House. Along with this, he has translated his knowledge of production to Punjabi music well with fresh remixes of Punjabi classics such as “Boli o Boli” and “Kangani”, both earning thousands of plays on Soundcloud, and making them a hit on the dance floor.

Raja’s style of mixing is often a reflection of his own personality; fun, rapid, high energy, with a perfect blend of his Punjabi heritage, and new age western bangers. He views DJing as the art of perfectly managing crowd control. He states that “anyone can DJ – mixing one track into another does not take much talent; however, mixing tracks to match what the crowd needs is a different level. I love to work for the crowd, and will never shy away from learning new ways of mixing.”

Huge thank you to DJ Tigertronik! All through the night, he was playing dope ass music and was really involved with my MC’s on specific questions and things I wanted to make my day amazing which is something I wanted from my DJ.

Honestly, I'd 100% say that if it weren’t for the vibe Tigertronik had set early on in the night with music and pumping everyone up, it probably wouldn’t have been the amazing event that it was. Thank you for everything man.




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